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What can I do if I have problems uploading my videos?

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If you get an error message when uploading your video application, you can easily fix it and convince the company immediately with your unique application. Just follow the checklist below:

Check 1: Check your Internet connection

Check whether you are in the WLAN or mobile network and simply switch between the two connection types. The videos are only 2-3 MB in size and the upload usually works directly on the 2nd attempt. 

Check 2: Send videos by e-mail

If the upload didn't work out even after several attempts, you can simply send us your application by e-mail and we'll take care of everything else. Just click on the export button in the upper right corner of the screen with error message (see screenshot). 

Your e-mail client opens and you send the three videos, with your E-Mail address, which you used for your application, your name , and the company name, directly to [email protected]. We will then upload the videos directly and contact you as soon as the company has received your application.

Check 3: Contact Support

If none of the previous solutions worked, just contact us directly via the support chat in the app or on the landing page. We will help you then.

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