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App crashes during video recording

You can't record videos? Discover what it takes to make it work.

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If there is a technical problem when recording your personal videos, you can easily solve it! Just go through the following checklist.

Check 1: Is there enough storage space?

Check in the settings of your smartphone if you have more than 75MB free space.

Check 2: Change camera settings (Android)

With Android smartphones you can change your camera API in the settings. Just go to the settings of the Talentcube app and click 5 times on the version number in the lower area.

Another menu item "Camera Settings" will appear, where you can switch between API v1 and API v2. Simply use the previously inactive variant and try the video recording again.

Check 3: Contact Support

If none of the previous solutions worked, just contact us directly via the support chat in the app or on the landing page. We will then help you directly.

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