What do I have to consider when sending manually?

Find out what to watch out for when you send invitations via your own mail program.

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We recommend that you send the e-mails manually, as this allows them to be sent from your own mailbox. There are a few points to keep in mind to ensure a perfect approach to your candidates: 

Opening your e-mail client

After you click on "Send invitations", your own e-mail window will open. You have to confirm this the first time with a pop-up. If this pop-up does not appear, this is probably due to missing permissions. Please then get in touch with your personal contact person. 

Conversion of placeholders

When your e-mail window has opened, you will see the invitation text defined previously. Special feature, the placeholders were the real data of the candidate exchanged. Check this to make sure that the e-mail is sent correctly. 

Check outbox

After opening the e-mail window, all candidates are added to the open application and receive the status "Invitation sent". However, we cannot guarantee that the e-mails have been sent correctly. Therefore, please check your outbox to make sure that each invitation was successfully delivered. 

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