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Number of attempts for recording the video responses

How many attempts do I have per question? How do I know?

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You've got yourself messed up and want to improve? That is absolutely no problem! Your employer will give you a number of tries per question. The number of attempts is indicated next to the question.

There are two possibilities:

3 attempts per question

If your desired company has chosen this option, you can tell by the symbol (see picture). In this case, you can consider whether you are satisfied with your answer after the first admission attempt. If not, you have 60 seconds to prepare for your next attempt. You can repeat this up to three times. However, if you press "Next" after recording the video, your answer is logged in and cannot be undone. This procedure applies to every question. 

Infinite number of attempts per question

In this case, your preferred company will give you the opportunity to repeat your videos as many times as you like. You can tell by the infinity sign (see picture). After the video recording you can decide whether you want to keep the answer or record it again. If you are not sure afterwards, simply click on the question again and press "Rerecord". You can repeat this process until you are completely satisfied with your answers. 

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