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Frequently asked questions from other applicants

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How does the application process work in detail?

The application process is very simple. You simply answer specific questions in a given time via video. The questions themselves are defined by the company to which you are applying. 

If you have not already done so, you can also add your CV and important documents. Of course, the company will only be able to review your video application when you release them at the end.

Does the application start immediately after entering the jobcode?

Of course not. After entering the jobcode or clicking on "Start application", you can practice with a few sample questions and familiarize yourself with the process.  

Can I practice the video application in advance? And where exactly?

Of course. After entering the jobcode you will find the possibility to practice with sample questions in the tutorial area. A total of 10 questions are available to you, which will prepare you perfectly for the actual questions from the company.

Which questions can I expect? 

The questions are defined by the company you are applying to and they are usually very simple. The sample questions in the training area give you a first idea about the type of questions that might be asked.

This is my first video application, how do I best behave in front of the camera? How do I dress? 

Applying via video is super easy. Just have a look at the article Tips for the perfect shot. There you will find important tips and a short explanation video, which prepare you well.  

Can I save in between and continue later?

Sure, that's possible. You can continue your application at any time within the "My applications" section.

Do I have to attach the resume again even though the company has already received it?  

This is not necessary. If the company has already received your CV as part of the application, the videos are totally sufficient.

What do I have to consider when answering the questions?

Answer each of the questions simply and spontaneously via video in a time specified by the company (max. 3 minutes). For each question you have enough time to prepare yourself. The exact time and also the number of possible attempts is shown next to the question. If you take another attempt, your previous answer will be overwritten.

Should I first introduce myself in the video?

This is not necessary, the company already knows quite a lot about you through your CV. Just use the time to answer the question.  

Does the answer have to correspond exactly to the given time?

Any answer can be ended once you have answered the question. You do not have to use the full time.

How many attempts do I have to answer the questions?

This depends on the type of question. Either you can answer the questions as often as you like or the number of attempts is limited to three.

I am not satisfied, can I start the application from scratch at any time?

Depending on the type of question, you can record your answer as many times as you like or have a maximum of three attempts per question. If you are still unsatisfied, you can also restart the application completely by returning to home section. Good luck!

Can I also re-record individual videos? 

You cannot re-record individual videos once you have saved them. In this case you can restart the application completely.

Is the video sent immediately after recording?

Of course not. The videos will only be sent if you are satisfied and release them at the end of the application process.

How much time do I have to send my application to the company?

This depends entirely on the company. If there is a clear deadline, it is usually stated in the company's e-mail. Alternatively, we recommend in any case not to wait longer than 10 days with the upload.

What happens after sending the application?

Your unique video application is sent directly to the company. If you applied via the app, you can check under "My applications" whether the company has already viewed your application. Of course, you will also receive an e-mail as soon as the status changes.

I have been waiting for some time for a response from the company, who do I contact? 

It can often take two to three weeks before you receive a response. If your application was submitted some time ago, it is best to contact the company directly. The contact details can be found at the bottom of the landing page.

Can I watch my answers or videos again? 

If you applied via our iOS or Android app, your videos will be saved and you can watch them again at any time.

Which devices can I use to create the video application? 

Simply download the Talentcube app from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore and get going. If you want to apply directly from your PC, click the "Start application" button on the landing page.

Can I start the application on my laptop and continue it later on my smartphone? 

This is not possible because your videos will not "leave" your laptop or smartphone until you uploaded the application at the end. The videos will not be uploaded before that and are therefore not available on other devices.

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