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It's this easy to create a new job code in the company portal or change existing details.

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In order to get a personal impression of all candidates as soon as possible, you first have to define your individual video questions and create a job code. It is also possible to answer text or multiple-choice questions. This can be done very quickly in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Interview Settings

Define job title and basic information

First define a job title and specify further options, like the employment type (Fulltime, ...).

Professional tip: Display questions in 2 languages

If you recruit internationally, you can also define the questions in Englisch. This language variant is displayed in the Talentcube app for candidates if German is not selected as the system language on the smartphone.


Have your candidates already sent you their CV? If not, it can be determined in this step whether the candidate should add it to the application or not.

Define videoquestions

Next, you define up to 10 questions, which your candidates should answer in 30, 45, 60, 120 or 180 seconds via the app. Ask questions about personality, motivation and qualifications to get the best possible impression of your candidates.

Maximum 3 attempts per question

You can specify whether your candidates have a maximum of 3 attempts or can record the video as often as they want.

Professional tip: Best practice and previous questions

Not sure which questions you would like to ask? Simply click on the button next to the input field of the question and choose from a variety of questions that have proven themselves with our other customers. There you will also find your own questions, which you have used with previous job codes.

For each question you can choose between text, multiple choice and video question. The buttons for the options can be found under each question.

Video questions

Each position must include a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 video questions, which the candidate answers by video when applying. You define the question as text and also have the possibility to ask the candidate each question with a video, so that the application experience is even more authentic. The upload of a video is optional for you. Please note that if you want to use your own videos for the question, the individual videos must not be larger than 20 MB.

Text questions

In addition to the video interview questions, you have the possibility to define up to 2 text questions, which the candidate should then answer by entering text during the application. Text questions are optional.

Multiple-Choice questions

You can also formulate up to 2 multiple-choice questions with up to 5 answer options. Multiple-choice questions are also optional.

Step 2: Branding & Data security

Enter further important information:

  • Relevant department: Select for which departments the job code and the incoming applications should be visible. In the user administration you can assign certain departments to each user.

  • Notifications: As soon as a new application arrives, the persons stored for this purpose will be informed of the receipt by e-mail.

  • Contact person: For each job code there is a contact person who is also displayed to the candidate on the landing page.

  • Select landing page: Select here which landing page the applicant should see when you send him an invitation for a video application. In the Landing Page area, you can create different landing pages that are assigned to the individual job codes.

  • Retention period deletion automation: The legally prescribed maximum storage period for applicant data is 6 months after completion of the application process. Select whether you prefer an automatic deletion of the data after 6 months (after video application receipt) or whether you want to extend this to 12 months. You can also decide against deletion and select "Never". For the last two options, you must have the applicant's consent.

Step 3: Communication analysis

You only see this tab if you have booked the communication analysis option for your account.

Profile for Communication Analysis

Choose between the options Sales, Consultant, Marketing, Service and Administration.

Language for communication analysis

To obtain a meaningful communication analysis, it is important that you select the language in which the candidate answers the video questions (German or English). An analysis for a combination of German and English questions is currently not possible.

Step 4: Adjust job code fields

You will only see this tab if the job description option has been activated for your account. If the function is not yet activated and you wish to activate it, please contact your Talentcube contact person.

Here you have the possibility to provide applicants with a link to the video application and a link to the classic application:

Define under 1. the text that applicants should see when they decide to submit a video application. The link that leads directly to the landing page for the video application will then be provided automatically.

Under 2. "Classic application" you can define the text that will be displayed to applicants for the classic application. Here you can store your link that refers to your classic application alternative.

Translated with (free version)

If you have now created the landing page and designed a corresponding job page, it will be displayed before the landing page.

At (5), your applicants have the choice between using Talentcube or your applicant management system to apply.

Step 5: Create jobcode. Done!

Click on Create Jobcode and the jobcode will be created directly for you.

Once this has been done, you can immediately start inviting candidates.

Good luck with your recruiting!

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