The basic structure of an application

Find out how an application is structured and what valuable information you can find where.

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Clicking on an application takes you to the detailed view.  There you can watch the three videos of the candidate and get all the important information at a glance. 

1) Personal data and application status 

In the first section you will find the job code and the corresponding job title of the job for which the candidate has applied.  In addition to personal data such as name, email address, date of birth and telephone number, the date of receipt of the application and the current application status are also displayed.  In addition, you can use three buttons to invite the applicant to the next round , to refuse or accept them .  

2) Application videos 

In the second section you will find the candidate's three application videos.  The top right also shows how often the candidate started the application from scratch.

3) Communication style analysis 

If requested by your company, the individual communication style analysis based on PRECIRE technology is displayed directly after the videos. 

Depending on the analysis profile selected, the most relevant characteristics are displayed directly.  For the highlighted features, a high level has a positive effect on professional success. 

The magnifying glass on the right-hand edge also gives you a detailed description of each characteristic and its characteristics.  If, in addition to the highlighted features, you would like to take other features into account, you can use the Show additional features button to view the results display all 22 characteristics

The vertical black line within the scale of a characteristic shows you the average analysis value of all candidates for the position or the job code. 

4) CV 

The CV follows next.  The curriculum vitae consists of professional experience, educational institutions and degrees attended, skills, languages, awards and interests.

5) documents 

The last section shows all of the applicant's uploaded documents.  These can be certificates or certificates, for example.  Clicking on a document opens an enlarged view of the document. 

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