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Archive applications that are not to be deleted automatically and distinguish between Talent Pool & Employees.

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Sorted by talent pool and employees, the archive contains all the applications you have selected that are not automatically deleted by the system. When you created your job codes, you opted for either automatic deletion after 6 or 12 months or unlimited retention. If you want to have access to the applications for more than 6 months, you must have obtained permission from your candidates in the talent pool to keep their applications for longer regardless of the statutory deletion period. You must also specify the reason for your archiving when you move applications from the application receipt to the archive: 

  1. Admission of the applicant to a Talent pool

  2. Use of applicant data on recruitment

This specification enables you to filter later according to the different candidates in the archive. You can move applicants back to the inbox at any time by choosing Restore

 Only the admin and HR manager have access to the archive.

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