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Create new users and assign appropriate access rights to map your organization ideally.

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In the user administration under "Team", you map your organization and add all persons who should have access to your Talentcube account. Individual permissions allow you to assign each user exactly the access rights they need for their tasks.

Manage & add users

In the upper area of the user administration in the section team, add all employees who should have access to your account. Name, first name and e-mail address are required. 

In addition to the personal information, three further settings allow you to restrict the access rights of each user:

  • Authorization: For each individual user, choose between the Admin, HR Manager and Recruiter permissions. The meaning of the individual authorizations is described in detail in the next chapter.

  • Status: Deactivate individual users if you want to temporarily restrict access to your account. 

  • Department: Select the departments to which a user belongs. Since job codes are also assigned to a department, you can restrict access to incoming applications.

  • User: If you add a user, he will automatically be notified by E-Mail and will receive his access data.

The authorization system

Talentcube distinguishes between the four authorizations Admin, HR Manager, Recruiter and Department:

Admin: The admin has full access to the account and the settings.

HR-Manager: The HR-Manager has no access to the user administration & landing page, but can do everything else - create job codes, manage templates etc. - in the account.

Recruiter: The recruiter has limited access to the account. It can only invite candidates to the video application and view applications. 

Department: The department only has the possibility to view applications. 

Create & manage departments

If users from different departments have access to your account, you can list these departments here and thus map your organization.

This allows you to assign users and job codes to individual departments. Subsequently, only those who are assigned to their departments will see the applications. 

Contact Person

At the bottom of the page "Team" you can also change the settings of the contact person. Here you can manage the individual contact persons in your company and enter the corresponding contact information. The contact persons are required when creating a new job code, as they are listed as contact persons on the corresponding landing page.

So select the people in the company who are also in contact with the candidates.

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