Your candidates record the videos with the camera of their smartphone. It is therefore advantageous to introduce yourself as a company in a relaxed and personal way. You don't need an elaborately produced glossy video, because it's more of a deterrent. 

Before we tell you a few tips, we would like to show you two sample videos from our customers Phoenix Contact and Keyence:

In order to record a meaningful video that will convince your candidates and show them your best side, simply follow the instructions below:

Record short videos on the following questions/contents:

  1. We would like to introduce ourselves briefly...

  2.  Why do we make the video application?

  3. What happens after the video application?

Optional questions:

  • Which questions do you have?

  • How much time do you have?

  • What should you pay attention to? 

After successful recording, simply send the video to your personal contact person. We will then support you in the creation of an authentic video and take over for you:

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