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That's how easy it is to send invitations for a video application.

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So that you really get a personal first impression of each candidate, invite them to apply for a video job in just a few steps via the web portal.

Step 1 - Perform System Check

Use the System Check before creating your job code to check whether your personal email program (e.g. Outlook) opens automatically.

Step 2 - Select job code

First select the job code to which you want to invite candidates. If you have not yet created a job code, create it directly and return to this area.

Step 3 - Add Applicants

Add all candidates you want to invite to the video application. The details Salutation (with the option Divers for the third gender), First name, Last name and E-Mail are mandatory fields. Even after you have added candidates, you can still make changes using the Edit button. Then click on Next.

Step 4 - Add personal message

Next, you simply define the personal message that your candidates will receive by e-mail in the course of the invitation. This can also be done in just a few clicks:

1) Select template

Simply access your personal templates for the invitation text. Choose from ready-made best-practice templates or define your own template for future invitations using "Templates". You can also edit these templates at any time at the top of the bar next to "open invitations" under "Templates" and edit them by clicking on individual templates.

After the selection all other fields are prefilled.

2) Formulate or check subject and message

After selecting the template or your own formulation of e-mail subject and invitation text, you can check them again. In the next step, this text is sent to all candidates by e-mail as part of the invitation. 

Important: The e-mail text must contain the link to the German or the link to the English landing page.

Professional tip: Use the text modules to send the candidate a personalized text. The corresponding text modules will then be adapted individually for each candidate. 

Step 5 - Send invitations

Almost done! Now send invitations directly to all candidates. You have two options:

After a successful system check, click on Send manually in the first step and a separate e-mail window opens for each of the selected candidates. The first time you use the Talentcube Web Portal, you must confirm with a pop-up that it is allowed to open your e-mail window and click Send at the end. If the individual e-mails have been sent smoothly, they will appear as usual in your e-mail account under "Sent".

This variant is recommended because it is more personal. The e-mails are sent directly from your own e-mail address including your personal signature to the candidates.

2) Send invitations automatically via Talentcube

Alternatively, you can send invitations directly via Talentcube. The system informs all candidates of the invitation by e-mail. The sender address used here is [email protected] .

After all invitations have been successfully sent, you will receive a summary at the end. If there have been problems with individual invitations or you have clicked yourself, you can simply resend individual e-mails by clicking on "resend". 

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