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Your landing page: This is how you introduce yourself to your applicants personally
Your landing page: This is how you introduce yourself to your applicants personally

Learn what is required to create a landing page and how it is built.

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You will receive a landing page for each open position to enable you to successfully approach applicants. On this page you introduce yourself as a company personally and the applicant is explained in a few steps how easy it is to apply to you. You send us the information and data necessary for the creation of the landing page for the initial set-up. You will receive the onboarding checklist with detailed explanations by e-mail.

Take a look at our own job advertisement as an example:

Instead of reading the whole helpcenter article you can now also simply watch the explanation video below:

Required information

To create your own first landing page you will need some information, which you can send to your personal contact via email or

  • Job code: The job code you created for the landing page.

  • Corporate Identity- Company logo: Your company logo (in high resolution), which should be displayed on the landing page. The file must be in JPG or PNG format and must be at least 100x100 pixels in size.

  • Corporate Identity- Company colour: The colour code of your company colour in which the landing page will appear (CSS Hex format).

  • Welcome text: First approach of the applicants in the range of max. 500 characters. Here are templates in German in Du and Sie format, as well as in English available.

  • Welcome video: Your own video by introducing yourself to the candidate and explaining the process. 

  • Type of address: Let us know whether you would like to address the candidates at the landing with "you" or "you".

  • Contact person: The contact details and a profile photo of the contact person to be displayed on the landing page.

For each additional landing page it is only necessary that you send your personal contact at Talentcube the newly created job code by e-mail.

Structure of the landing page

At the bottom of the landing page you present yourself with your logo (1). You can set up your own video (2) and a welcome text (3) on the left side. Thanks to the individual approach and the corresponding colour scheme, candidates directly recognise the branding of your company.

When the candidates scroll down, they have the choice between smartphone and PC/laptop for their video recording. The respective process is explained directly via video and in clearly arranged embroidery points:

Immediately afterwards, the contact named by you appears, including contact details and profile photo, to whom candidates can turn if they have any queries. In the further course of the landing page, the excellent Talentcube support will also be pointed out and a FAQ area will clarify frequently asked questions.

Editing the landing page

If you want to make changes to your landing page after our initial set-up, this is possible at any time. Without our help you can change the welcome text or the layout in your business account based on your corporate identity as well as your videos. 

You can also create different landing pages for different job codes.
In the landing page area on the right you will see a selection list with all the landing pages you have already created (1). You can select these and change them as you wish. If you only have the landing page from the initial set-up, you will find the button "Add new landing page" (2) under the selection list. 

Give your newly created landing page a name (3) in order to be able to assign it, and you can already start setting up further landing pages.

Furthermore you have the possibility to upload two company videos, these will be displayed for the German (4) or English (5) version of the landing page depending on the language selection. 

The English-speaking applicant can watch the video in English, the German-speaking applicant looks as usual in German. If you only use one (in this case upload the video in the first field) (4), the same video will be displayed for both language variants.

With "Texts and messages" (6) you can formulate a welcome text yourself and define the content of the e-mail templates for the confirmation of receipt.

At (1) you now have the possibility to create a welcome text for your landing page.

At (2) you can adjust the content of your e-mail templates. This allows you to send the applicant an individualized and automated e-mail confirmation directly after receipt of the application.

If you leave the fields blank, a standard response text created by Talentcube will be generated automatically. This ensures that your applicants always receive a confirmation of receipt.

When creating or editing a job code, you then have the option of selecting the appropriate landing page (1).

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