How do I use placeholders correctly?

You can use placeholders to automatically adapt your invitation texts to each applicant.

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Placeholders serve to make your invitation text more dynamic, more personal and at the same time more individual. When using placeholders, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1) The salutation - how formal should it be?

Depending on how you want to address your applicants, you can choose between "Dear" and "Love". How you decide is up to you 😉. It is important that you always insert a space after each placeholder, because instead of the placeholder, the corresponding information will appear later.

Make it easy for your applicants and add a placeholder for the link to your landing page right away. So your applicants can go directly from your e-mail to the landing page and start applying immediately. The placeholder causes the link for the automatically generated landing page to be inserted for each job code. 

Since an individual link is generated for each applicant in the case of invited candidates, this placeholder must appear in the invitation text so that you cannot complete step 3 and therefore cannot continue. Please never copy a link for more than one applicant!

3) Company and contact persons

Finally, we recommend placing the placeholder for your company in the subject line and the placeholder for the contact person at the end of the text, especially for automatic dispatch. This makes the invitation even more personal for the applicant.

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