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PRECIRE's technology offers you the possibility of obtaining a fully automated communication analysis of your candidates based on artificial intelligence (AI).

If the PRECIRE technology is enabled for your account, you can select an analysis profile when creating the job code. A distinction is made between the five profiles Sales, Consulting, Marketing, Service and Administration, all of which describe a specific job profile in more detail.

When creating the job code, simply select which of the five profiles best matches the job you have advertised.

Description of the analysis profiles

In principle, PRECIRE analyses the spoken and transcribed words of your candidates for 22 different results that describe a person or their communication style comprehensively. 

For different positions in your company, different characteristics are more important for professional success. While, for example, a salesperson ideally appears very emphatic and reliable to the customer, an inspiring and visionary type of communication is increasingly important in a marketing position. 

Precisely for this reason, the five analysis profiles focus on different characteristics. Basically, it can be said that a high degree of distinctiveness is desirable for the prioritized characteristics. 

The composition of the individual analysis profiles - i.e. which characteristics are particularly highlighted for a profile - is explained in detail below. A detailed description of all 22 results can be found in the basic article on PRECIRE


In the sales profile, the characteristics authoritarian, empathic, motivating, goal-oriented, reliable and structured are of great importance for professional success. 


In the profile of the counsellor, the characteristics empathic, motivating, supportive, goal-oriented, reliable and self-confident are of great importance for professional success. 


In marketing related positions, the characteristics Independent, Inspiring, Dramatizing, Motivating, Optimistic, Unconventional and Visionary are of great importance for professional success. 


In service positions, the characteristics Empathetic, Friendly, Structured, Balanced, Goal-oriented and Reliable are of great importance for professional success. 


In (commercial) positions in administration, the characteristics Structured, Reliable, Goal-oriented, Friendly, Supportive and Balanced have a high relevance for professional success. 

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