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Procedure of the Live-Interview
Procedure of the Live-Interview
Here you can find out how to take part in a Live-Interview as an applicant
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Your first Live-Interview is coming up and you want to prepare yourself? Then read our quick guide for your perfect Live-Interview here.

There are two options how to do the interview, via Smartphone or via web browser - the choice is yours!

In both cases you will first be taken to a page where you have to wait for the interview to start and we will automatically update the current interview status for you every 30 seconds. As soon as this is the case, you can join the interview. 

Join via Smartphone

Download the free Talentcube app on your smartphone and select the Enter Job Code section. Enter the job code you received from the company and your digital job interview can begin.

Our tips

  • It's best to use the built-in microphone and camera of your smartphone.

  • Prepare for your interview: Find an undisturbed environment and appropriate clothing. Now all you have to do is prepare mentally and convince!

Joini via Web browser

If you decide to conduct the interview via web browser, simply click on the Start Video Interview button on the landing page and you will be directed to the waiting area. As soon as the company is also ready, the interview will start. Good luck!

Our tips

  • We recommend Google Chrome, because with other browsers it can happen that the sound only works when you dial in by phone.

  • It is best to use the integrated microphone and camera of your laptop/PC.

  • Prepare for your interview: Find an undisturbed environment and appropriate clothing. Now only mental preparation and convincing!

If you have further questions, we, the Talentcube Support Team, are always ready to help you via chat or e-mail. 😊

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