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Frequently asked questions: Live-Interview
Frequently asked questions: Live-Interview

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If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can always contact us via chat. We from the Talentcube support team look forward to helping you with your application.

What equipment do I need for the Live-Interview?

All you need is an integrated microphone and camera. The best thing you can do is to provide an undisturbed environment and suitable clothing for your job interview. 😉

Which browser is best suited for the implementation?

We recommend Google Chrome, because with other browsers it may happen that the sound only works when you dial in by phone.

How do I conduct the Live-Interview on my smartphone or laptop?

Download the free Talentcube app on your smartphone and enter the meeting ID you received by e-mail in the job code field.

I have been invited by a company for a Live-Interview. Do I have to pay for the use?

No! The company is looking forward to meeting you - so no worries, no costs.

I have been invited for a Live-Interview, but I cannot connect.

Please check if your browser is supported and if you have a sufficient internet connection.

My interview partner cannot see or hear me, what can I do?

Here in our Help Center articles you will find instructions on how to restore the problem.

I hear an echo during the Live-Interview, what to do?

If you hear an echo during the Live-Interview, it may be because you are connected via Bluetooth headphones. It is best to use your device's built-in microphone.

I see a guest in the interview. Who is that?

The person who created the interview or is conducting it with you may have invited a guest to the interview. This person is also able to participate in the conversation.

What happens if I leave the meeting during my interview?

If you accidentally hang up, simply reopen your invitation link from the email in the browser. Or, in the app, enter the meeting code from the email back into the job code area.

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