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Talentcube and the Team behind it
Talentcube and the Team behind it

What does Talentcube stand for and who is behind it?

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Talentcube is Europe's leading solution for mobile video recruiting.

With the Talentcube app, you can create a professional and authentic video application in just a few minutes and score points with your personality right from the start. 

What do you need? Take your smartphone, download the Talentcube app for free and get started with your application.

The Team

Behind Talentcube is a 15-member team that is working flat out in the heart of Munich to establish the video application as a new application standard and to make life easier for both personnel and job seekers.

Our mission is to make the application process as simple and efficient as possible. From the very beginning, the personality is in the foreground and the application becomes a unique experience.

#BePartOfTheParty & #MakeYourMamaProud

Talentcube at "The Cave of the Lions"

In November 2017 we successfully appeared in the TV show "The Lion Cave" and immediately aroused the interest of several lions. The decision was finally made in favour of Mr. Maschmeyer and Seed & Speed, who have been actively supporting us since then in establishing the video application as the new standard.

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