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Here you will find the instructions for your perfect live interview.

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You have activated the Live-Interview and would now like to invite your first applicants? Then read our short instructions for the perfect live interview here.

At the top right of the Business Portal you will find the new tab for Live-Interviews. Here you can choose whether you want to invite an existing applicant directly from your applicant overview or a new applicant.

You would like to invite a new applicant?

  1. First enter the name of the applicant

  2. Here you can describe the job 

  3. Enter the candidate's e-mail address here (optional)

  4. Now you can decide whether you want to see the landinpage for your live interview in your own branding.

  5. Now you can choose whether you want to start the interview immediately or plan it first.

  6. So, now your MailPortal opens automatically and you can manually skim the invitation again.

Planed / past interviews


Further down the page you will find your past or future Live-Interviews. For the planned Live-Interviews you can start the interview earlier, send the invitation by e-mail - if you haven't already done so - and copy the invitation link for yourself or your team members if you want them to be present at the application.

Tips for the Live -Interview

We recommend Google Chrome, because with other browsers it can happen that the sound only works when you dial in by phone. We also recommend using the integrated tools of your device for sound and camera.

If you have further questions, we, the Talentcube Support Team, are always ready to help you via chat or e-mail. 😊

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