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Here is a quick guide on how to schedule your Live-Interviews via zoom

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If you cannot start an interview directly via Talentcube, you can also use the zoom app to conduct the interview directly.

The following steps should be observed:

  • First, download the zoom app free of charge to any device via this link.

  • Log in now with your e-mail address and you will be automatically forwarded to your interviews. 

  • Now click on the "Meetings" tab on the left. Here you will find all the interviews you have scheduled via Talentcube. If the scheduled meetings are not displayed in Zoom at the correct time, this is because you did not select a time zone when you created your Zoom user. You can adjust this at any time in the profile settings under the "Date & Time" item.

Now you have the possibility to start any interview. If the interview is in the future, simply click on the arrow and then start the interview.

If you have further questions, we, the Talentcube Support Team, are always ready to help you via chat or e-mail. 😊

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