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Layout and Functions of the Live-Interview
Layout and Functions of the Live-Interview

Here you will learn about the functions of the different buttons on the start interface of the Live-Interview.

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After the company has invited you to a live interview via an 8-digit code and you have joined the live interview, you must first allow access to the camera and microphone:

  1. First, you need to click on the button inside the orange box by the "1".

  2. This will open a new window. Now you just have to click on "Allow" inside the orange box at the "2". Then you are ready to go!

Next, you and the company will arrive at the following interface:

What do the different buttons mean ?

1) Support-Button

  • By clicking on the lower right button the Support Chat of Talentcube opens. If there are any open questions regarding the upcoming Live-Interview, we at Talentcube are happy to help! We are now able to see even more precisely, where you are at the moment, which enables us to help even better.

2) Camera-Button

Check out another article here on how to allow web browser access to your laptop camera: Camera access in the web browser.

  • By clicking on the camera button, the camera can be switched on or off.

  • You can also select which camera should be used for the Live-Interview.

3) Microfon-Button

  • By clicking on the microphone button, the participant can mute himself and therefore is no longer audible to the other participants of the Live-Interview.

  • Additionally, you can select which audio output and which microphone should be used.

4) Screenshare-Button

  • By clicking the Share button, you can share your screen with the other Live-Interview participants. This function can be performed by the applicant as well as by the company.

5) Chat-Button

  • By clicking on the chat button you can chat with the other participants within the Live-Interview.

6) Leave - and Close-Button

  • Both buttons basically have the function to end the Live-Interview.

  • Leave button: By clicking on the Leave button, you can leave the Live- Interview; The Live-Interview, however, continues.

  • Close button: By clicking on the Close button the Live-Interview can be closed. This means that no new participants can join the interview. However, the existing participants, who are already participating in the interview, will remain in the interview.

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