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Learn how to add documents to your profile.

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Simply add all relevant certificates, work samples or work certificates to your profile so that the company gets the best impression of you! 

Step 1: Select document

You can choose from a variety of ways to add your document.

Applying via the app

  • Import it from another app like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud.

  • Photograph the document directly from the app. Make sure that you photograph it as readable and direct from the top as possible.

  • You already have the document on your mobile phone, then select it directly from the gallery / album.

Application via the web browser

  • Drag and drop your document to the appropriate field in your Internet browser.

  • Search your file directory for your document and import it directly into the web app.

Step 2: Add a name

Give your document a meaningful name, e.g. school leaving certificate, job reference, company XY. 

Step 3: Select category

Choose which category your document belongs to: resume, diploma, job reference, certificate or other.

Upload document. Done! 

Upload your document via the Talentcube app and use it to successfully complete your resume.

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