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What does the Application Homepage do for me?
What does the Application Homepage do for me?

Find out what the application homepage contains and which advantages result for you.

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With the Talentcube app you can now easily apply for any job of your choice via video. Just create your own application homepage in a few minutes and completely free of charge and inspire your dream employer. You will be enthusiastic about the advantages! 

Stand out from the crowd!

Show your dream employer with your own homepage including CV, important documents and your very personal videos that you really mean business with your application. You stand out directly from the mass of written applications and have the best chances of being invited for a personal interview. 

Super easy and professional application!

Applying can be so easy. You can create your own homepage in just a few minutes and of course completely free of charge using the Talentcube app. Your perfectly formatted CV in professional design, all your important documents and your personal videos will convince all companies.

Find out directly how your application is doing!

From now on, you will no longer wait several weeks for feedback from the company and ask yourself whether your application has already been read. Thanks to your application homepage, you can see directly from the Talentcube app whether and when the company last viewed your application.

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