Management of existing job codes

Change information from existing job codes or the current status.

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In the "Job Codes - Manage" section, you have an overview of your current job codes and can make changes and activate or deactivate them as required. 

Below you will find a detailed description of the exact structure and functional possibilities of this area. 

1) Job code details

In the overview, you can see the detailed information for the job code and a direct overview of the current application situation:

  • Job title & job code: The job title you defined and the corresponding job code.

  • Contact person: The defined contact person who is displayed as the contact person for the candidate on the corresponding landing page. 

You also have various options for carrying out actions from the overview:

  • Activate/deactivate job code: If you have filled a position and no longer need the job code temporarily, you can simply deactivate it. The Talentcube app then shows candidates that they can no longer apply for this job code. You can, of course, activate it at any time and receive applications again.

  • Edit job code: Simply make changes to existing job codes by clicking on the Edit button. In this section you can also delete job codes completely.

  • Open landing page: Take a direct look at how candidates find out about the video application option and how you present your company on the individual landing page.

2) Search for job codes 

Enter the job title or job code at the top of the search and confirm with Enter. The search results are displayed directly. 

3) Editing already existing job codes

Existing job codes can be edited afterwards. Question type and number of questions can not be edited. To change this, you can go to Jobcodes-->Overview-->Copy. The information is copied and you can then add or delete questions.

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