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After you have invited candidates to the video application, you can track the current status of the individual invitations in the Open Invites area. You can find the candidates here until the application has been successfully sent and appears in your candidates inbox. 

Below you will find a detailed description of the exact structure and functional possibilities of this area. 

1) Details on the individual invitations

In the overview, you can see the detailed information for each invitation and an overview of the invitation status:

  • Contact data of the applicant: The contact data entered by you - first name, last name, e-mail - are directly visible. 

  • Job title & job code: The open position to which you have invited the candidate. 

  • Date of last update: The date on which either you or the candidate made a status change.

  • Invitation status: The current status of the invitation. This distinguishes between the statuses Invitation sent, Landing Page visited (candidate clicked on the link in the e-mail), and Application started (candidate entered the job code in the app). 

You also have various options for executing actions from the overview:

  • Send reminder: If a few days have passed since the first invitation, you can simply send a reminder. 

  • Delete invitation: The candidate has informed you that he already has another job or simply hasn't contacted you at all? Simply delete the entry to keep track.

  • Show details: For each invitation you can leave your own comments and view the history. Just click on the arrow.

2) Search or filter invitations

Enter the name of the candidate or the job title at the top of the search and confirm your entry with Enter. The search results are now displayed.

You can also filter the candidate list according to different statuses or job codes. Simply select your desired criteria from the dropdown list.

The detailed view of an invitation

The detail view opens directly when you click on the arrow for a specific invitation. In the left area you will find the history of the invitation, i.e. a detailed list of the individual invitation statuses and your personal comments. 

You can store the comments for yourself or for other team members in the right-hand area. So you always keep the overview. 

Send candidates a reminder

The reminder bell function appears if applicants have not accepted your invitation to video application after 5 days. 

As soon as you have clicked on the button of the reminder bell, a pop-up opens. Here you can access existing templates as usual and send a personalized message to remind the candidate in just a few steps.  

In this case, too, there are two ways to send the e-mail to the candidate: Manually via your own mail account (recommended) or automatically via Talentcube. 

After you have sent the candidate a reminder, the bell display disappears again. To the left of the candidate's name, you can view the emails you have already sent to that candidate. 

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