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Camera or sound not working properly (Opera)
Camera or sound not working properly (Opera)

Here you will find our tips for solving camera or microphone problems.

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For the successful execution of your video application the full functionality of camera and microphone is necessary. If you encounter any problems, simply perform the following checks:

Check 1: Check connection

If you are using an external camera and/or microphone, you should check the connection first. Check that all cables are plugged in and that your computer recognizes the device. Try different connection options, such as using a different USB port. To verify the functionality of your external device, you can also try it on another computer. It can also help to search for new drivers on the device's manufacturer's website and install the latest drivers on your computer.

Check 2: Camera or sound is used by another program

Sometimes it can happen that your camera is used in the background by another program. This must be prevented, because two programs cannot access the camera at the same time. To solve the problem, simply close the web page or program that is using the camera. To be on the safe side, you can also restart your browser or computer.

Check 3: Missing access rights

Your browser settings may deny our web app access to your microphone and camera. To check this, proceed as follows:


If a pop-up should appear, allow the Talentcube website access to the camera and microphone. Reload the Talentcube website - Now it should work!

Browser Settings

  1. Click on the button with the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your browser.

2. Click on "Go to browser settings".

3. Now go to the advanced settings and scroll to the heading "Website Settings".

4. There you will find the share settings for your camera and microphone.

5. Reload the Talentcube website - now everything should work ! 

Check 4: Contact Support

If none of the previous solutions worked, contact us directly via the support chat in the web app or on the landing page. We will be happy to help you.

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