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Would you like to know where you have already applied everywhere and how your applications are doing? Just click on "My applications" in the home area.

There you can see at a glance how all your applications are doing. You will be shown a lot of information, which you only get thanks to the application via Talentcube:

1) How often has the company looked at my application?

In the application as well as in the detailed overview you can see whether and how often the company has already looked at your application! Finally you don't have to wait longer weeks to see how your application is doing. 

That's why it's worthwhile to create a separate homepage for each company. So you always have every single application in view. 

2) When was the last time my application opened?

In the right area of the detail view you can see exactly when the company last dealt with your application. If this was more than two weeks ago, you can definitely check it out. 

3) Activation status of your application

As soon as you create your application homepage, it will be active. You have got the job or don't want the company to see your application any longer, just set it to inactive. 

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