Evaluate candidates individually & in a team

Quickly come to an initial assessment and evaluate your candidates in three different categories.

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After viewing the application, you have the option of ranking the candidate and submitting a personal assessment. All evaluations are visible to the entire team in order to make the right decision together.

Submit your personal evaluation

Candidates can be evaluated in three different categories:

  • Personality: How do you rate the personality of the candidate?

  • Qualification: Is the candidate sufficiently qualified for the advertised position?

  • Motivation: Does the candidate have sufficient motivation?

You can award between 1 and 5 points in each category. A score of 1 stands for a poor evaluation and a score of 5 for a very good evaluation. 

In addition, you have the opportunity to give a personal conclusion. This describes your tendency to hire the candidate or not. You can choose between the three possible answers Yes, Perhaps and No. 

The team evaluation at a glance

In the second area you will find the ratings of other team members for the same candidate. At the top are the summarized summaries of all team members. 

Below you will find the average scores of the ratings of all team members and in the following list you can see the ratings or the summary of each individual team member. This allows you to make the right decisions together in the team.

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