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Forward applications to employees or customers or export them to your existing HR system.

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All applications received can be forwarded in just a few steps to employees without Talent Cube access or exported to your leading HR system. If you are a personnel service provider, you also have the option of sending selected applications to your customers. 

At the end of each application you will find the External Communication area, where you can forward or export the application as described below.  

1) Export / Forward application

First enter a description or name for the recipient so that the exported application can be uniquely assigned afterwards. The e-mail address is only required if the application is to be forwarded directly to an employee or customer of yours via Talentcube. 

You also have two options for saving the application or the generated link: 

  • Password: Protect your application with a password. This is generated automatically and sent directly to the recipient. Alternatively, you can always view it in the history (right area). 

  • Hide contact data: If, as a personnel service provider, you do not want your customers to see the applicant's contact details and profile picture, you can simply hide this by clicking this button. 

After you have clicked on Export profile or Forward profile, a new entry appears in the history (right area) and the specified recipient immediately receives an e-mail with access to the application. 

2) Overview of all exported applications

All your exported or forwarded applications are listed here. You always have an overview of who you have sent the application to and how often it has been opened in the meantime. 

Of course, you can deactivate or completely delete any application to prevent access to it.

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