Change Application Status & Inform Candidates

Inform your candidates about the current application status and your decision.

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After successful viewing of the video application including curriculum vitae and documents, you can inform the respective candidate directly about your decision and the new status. The exact procedure is described below. 

Select new application status

There are several places in the application view where you can change the application status. There are five different statuses: 

New arrivals: The application has been received successfully and has not yet been viewed. 

In review: You or one of your colleagues has already reviewed the application and not yet made a decision. 

Next round: The candidate has convinced and made it to the next round of your application process. 

Accepted: You have decided on the candidate and hired him or invited him to an interview.

Rejected: You have chosen another candidate and the applicant has been rejected.

While the first two are set automatically, you can determine the status change for Next Round, Accepted and Rejected yourself. Simply click on the corresponding button.

Add a personal message or note

Have you decided how you would like to proceed with the candidate? Then another pop-up will open. This is structured as follows: 

In the upper area, you can change the previously selected new application status once again. If you want the applicant to be informed of the new status directly by e-mail and in the app, select the item Inform Applicants. 

If you prefer to do this via another system, simply deactivate this function and leave an internal note. This is only visible to you and your colleagues. 

Even if the application status changes, you can still use your text templates and have two options for sending e-mails: Manually, via your own mail client (recommended) or automatically via Talentcube. Here it is recommended to send the status change via your own mail client, as your own e-mail address and signature will be used.

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